Powder process equipment

The ins and outs of bulk bag filling

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It is important the powder process equipment is right for the particular industry where powder processing is needed. One requirement of many manufacturers is bulk bag filling. What is terrific about bulk bag filling is that it provides the customer with a very thrifty way to package various powders. The bulk bag filler as it pertains to the powder process equipment categorisation is a great way to achieve precision weight capabilities. The flexible design of the bulk bag filler delivers a most thrifty and sensationally cost-effective price point for the producer. It is also a very sanitary means, wherein, once the powder is processed to package the product. It is the best way for the manufacturer to achieve optimisation with regard to packaging. Need we say more? Well---why not? Let us do so.

Many features and benefits come with this high-tech solution

There are features and benefits when the producer decides to use the bulk bag filling option. On this type of apparatus, the equipment features a nice filler spout with dust extraction, if need be. The packaging comes complete with inflatable bag seal rings which seal the bag tightly against the spout. The equipment provides the consumer with independent adjustability according to bag spout length, strap length and height. Oh and there is a nice efficient butterfly powder shut off.

The bulk bag processor finds the bulk bag processor equipment highly efficient

There is an automated bag strap release. The three point load frame on this apparatus will weigh only the bag not the structure. There is a bag inflation fan and valve. A feature that is very attractive to producers is built in to stabilise powder. There is a shuttle plate employed to move the bag that has been filled steadily away from the area of the spout. Manufacturers too are overwhelmed to witness the overhead trolley used to carry the filled bag into the area of the warehouse right to the pallet area. Okay and then there are operator platforms and so much more. This is a very sanitary method used in the powder process manufacturing environment to package various powders and it is designed for flexibility and is customised to the producer's unique requirements. No mess, less stress. The packaging option is second to none and resolutely a very good solution for anyone who produces various powders within their respective manufacturing environments

Areas where the bulk bag processing equipment is used

So what are the areas where the bulk bag option is used? Industries include certain food stuffs, feeds, detergents and soap based items and any industry where materials are produced into fine powders. Bags associated with the equipment are many times reconditioned in order that they can once again be put to use. The use of bulk bag processors, whatever industry where they are used is a precise way to place powders into packaging that is dependable. Today is the best day to look into this highly efficient and sanitary packaging option.